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He was more interested in learning about his father. In the films Padme Amidala is only supposed to be four years older than Anakin but reality is different. Only my new powers can do that. Campbell, Joseph with Bill Moyers. Anakin had gone to the volcanic planet Mustafar to kill the leaders of the separatists.
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Padmé Amidala

Ziro wants to take over the Hutt empire but Padme foils the plans and forces Ziro to confess what he has done. Please note: the stories contained in this site belong to their respective authors. If I could do it, that is. The Sith Lord has a catharsis and makes the ultimate decision. The age difference is seen as a major plot hole in the films. During the time of when the Chancellor Palpatine finally makes his move to become Emperor Palpatine, Padme stays in the background, pregnant with her children.
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Anakin Skywalker Probably Wasn't Really in Love With Padmé in 'Star Wars' | Inverse

Padme Amidala is a Senator, Queen and Wife all rolled into one. Padme organises a series of diplomatic meetings with other senators to discuss the crisis. When Vader revealed the truth about his parentage, Luke had to come to terms with that revelation. Then episode one draws to a close. He was falling in love with her, she with him, but Jedis aren't supposed to form attachments. He leaves the slavery and poverty on Tatooine behind to begin on the path to becoming a Jedi.
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Last accessed February 8, After a star fight, he tries to assure Leia that Luke wasn't hurt, knowing she cared for him. SerenLyall: father hear my cry and may the demons guard you R "This was going to happen sometime. After the crisis is over, Padme Amidala marries Anakin in secret. However, women being in love within the Star Wars universe never goes well, and Leia is captured and forced to don scanty clothing and lounge beside Jabba. When they arrived at Geonosis they were promptly sentenced to be executed In a gladiatorial arena alongside Obi-Wan by Count Dooku. Head on over and you can check out my book reviews , a few fun interviews and even my April Fools Day jokes.
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